Nature and Technology: More Related Than We Think

Many of us have been holed up inside for months now, and many of us want to get out in the world again. Personally, I’ve never wanted to be in nature more. While the general public knows of the adverse effects of such accessible technology and the positives of being in nature, the two correlate…

E-waste: A Problem That Just Keeps Getting Bigger

Moore’s Law is a technological law that states the number of transistors on a microchip doubles every two years and the cost of computers is halved. In layman’s terms, this means that technology exponentially improves to the point where consumers need to buy new technology every 2-4 years.  While technological advancements are made for the…

Can manufacturing be sustainable?

Since the advent of the Industrial Revolution, manufacturing had been synonymous with pollution and poor working conditions. From sweat shops at the turn of last century in the US (which continues to this day in other countries around the world), to images of factories belching out black smoke, the creation of products may fuel our…

Geocaching: Using technology to bring people outdoors

This is the basic premise of Geocaching today. To play, all one has to do is take out their phone or GPS enables device and make a free geocaching account, choose the geocache to look for then start navigating. When the geocache is found, sign the log book and take a nic-nak then post the find online.

Chaibaba – Untitled 20 minute song in D (Mountain Song)

[youtube] Chaibaba played at The Space Upstairs for Second Saturdays on May 11th, 2013. A kick ass local Pittsburgh band whose musicians love nature and wandering through the forests of Pennsylvania. Chaibaba – Slow Brewed (first album) Machete German Shepard Vijay Bakrania Thanks the Space Upstairs!