I am a researcher, teacher and writer interested in the concept of interprofessional communities of practice.

I would like to share my understandings and discuss theory and practice experience with others.  I believe that health profession students develop as collaborative practitioners by being in community as students.  They bring their developing professional culture with others and in a liminal third space where they develop an identity as an collaborative practitioner with hybrid tools of assessment.

Professional Experience: Susan E. Sterrett is Associate Professor of Nursing at Chatham University, Pittsburgh, PA. with primary teaching responsibilities in the graduate nursing program.  She has worked collaboratively with five other health profession faculty to teach and evaluate an interprofessional (IP) education program for students in nursing, PT, OT, PA and counseling psychology program.  She has published on IP education and higher education leadership.  Research has included a qualitative study of an IP fellowship, ongoing evaluation and research on the Chatham IP program and a current study of IP practice at a large northeastern pediatric hospital.  She is involved with community development initiatives in an urban area in Pittsburgh.  She has poster and podium presentations at the national and international level.  Her scholarly interest is interprofessional practice and education with primary experience as a qualitative researcher.

Education:  Bachelor of Science in Nursing (1975), Masters of Science in Nursing (1992), Masters of Business Administration (1994) Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA. EdD (2008) Higher Education Administration from the University of Pittsburgh.


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