First Set of Interviews

During the first set of interviews I belonged to the team in charge of recording both audio and video feed. The equipment purchased for this research is very useful and brings high quality results. The process by which we are interviewing results in at least two sets of audio recording per interviewee. Prior to actually conducting the interview we test the audio results to identify noises our highly sensitive microphones might pick up. When compared to test and field runs sometimes the background noise (such as fans, air conditioners, music, etc.) cannot be turned off and thus we must relocate the microphones while being considerate of the space allotted to us. Setting up for all interviews thus far has made me very aware of the space and positioning of people, things and other factors that influence our recordings.

With all the technology aside, I enjoyed experiencing the interview as an outside party. Analyzing how my fellow researchers conducted their interview in terms of  body language, mannerisms, how they interacted with one another, the interpreters and the interviewees. From my perspective the interpreters and their system of interpreting was fantastic, and I am very grateful to have them take time out of their day to assist us. I am also grateful towards the interviewees who have set time aside for us and revealed to us their personalities, struggles, motivation and much more. When I heard the questions I constructed being asked I was pleasantly surprised, not because they answered in the manner that I had expected but because they provided a different perspective. These first set of interviews has made me even more excited to question and listen to the women we will be contacting here in Taiwan.

Thanks for your time!

Diana Cabrera

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