Rachel McNorton: An Interview with “Auntie”

The excitement and exhaustion of travel is a price worth paying because of the experiences it enables. Every day in Taiwan was a surprise, because we never knew who we would meet, what their business would be like, and what would come of it. One remarkable aspect of all of our interviews was the openness of all of the women who were willing to share their thoughts and feelings.

One woman business owner in particular welcomed my teammate and me into her restaurant, offered us tea, and made us feel at home. After the interview, she insisted on feeding us. She ushered me into her kitchen, which smelled amazing, and asked me what I wanted. It was some of the most simple and delicious food I have ever eaten. She cooks everything by herself, with occasional help from students who volunteer in the kitchen. We ended the afternoon with hugs, and a photograph, and a kiss on each cheek. You could tell she was a mother, which really motivated her to do what she did. Her restaurant was on a college campus and her goal was to feed the students, her “kids.” She went so far as to have longer hours than most restaurants and was open on holidays and weekends.

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