Participant Bios

Karen S. Kingsbury, Ph.D.
Professor of International Studies, Chatham University
As a former long-time resident of Taiwan, I am delighted to have this opportunity to share with this research team many of my favorite haunts, and also to explore new vistas in Taiwan’s highly varied natural and cultural terrain.

Charlotte E. Lott, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Economics, Department of Business and Entrepreneurship, Chatham University
I am looking forward to visiting Taiwan to see the effects of economic development in one of the East Asian miracle economies, with an emphasis on the contribution of female entrepreneurship.

Chloe Bell
Chatham University (Class of 2016)
Major(s): English, Chemistry
I am excited to learn how feminism is perceived throughout Taiwan, particularly by women who own and operate their own businesses. I believe that this will help me to better understand feminism in a global context.

Diana Cabrera
Chatham University Student (Class of 2017)
Major(s): Public Relations, Business Management
This is an exciting experience which has a lot of teaching and learning potential.

Ashley Henry

Kristi Hruska
Chatham University Student (Class of 2015)
Major: Psychology
Minor: Women’s Studies
I am not only interested in learning about Taiwanese ideologies regarding feminism and entrepreneurship, but I am also very excited for the many adventures that will result from this experience.

Sook Yee Leung
Chatham University Student (Graduated: May 2014)
Major(s): Psychology, International Studies: Asia, Music
I look forward to exploring the impact of relationship networks (instrumental or psychological) on female entrepreneurs in Taiwan.

Rachel McNorton

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  1. It’s great that the participants are keeping this blog about the trip to Taiwan. I believe what you are researching, female entrepreneurship in Taiwan, will have interest from some of our supporters, so I put a link on our Facebook page,

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