Research Project

2014 ASIANetwork Freeman Foundation
Student-Faculty Fellows Program for Collaborative Research in Asia
Chatham University Grant
Study Travel May 20 – June 16, 2014

Faculty Advisors
Dr. Karen S. Kingsbury, Dr. Charlotte E. Lott

Student Members
Chlow Bell, Diana Cabrera, Ashley Henry, Kristina Hruska, Sook Yee Leung, Rachel McNorton

Project Title
Creative Entrepreneurialism, Relationship Networks, and Family Dynamics: A Study of Women-Led Hospitality Businesses in Regional Hubs of Taiwan

Project Description
This study investigates the establishment and development of women-led hospitality businesses in various regional hubs of Taiwan, with special attention to three factors that our researchers believe are key elements of these women’s businesses: creative entrepreneurship, relationship networks, and family dynamics.  The study focuses on regionally based, often small-scale businesses outside the Taipei-centric systems of franchised branding and capital-city infrastructure.  The subjects of the study are therefore women who own and manage restaurant or lodging businesses in locations such as Taichung (central Taiwan), Hualien (eastern Taiwan), and Makung (on Penghu Island).  The student researchers are traveling to these regional hubs to visit these businesses, collect survey data, and interview the women who own and operate them.  The researchers will then produce a series of analytical-descriptive profiles of these businesswomen and the factors that have shaped their business practices.

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