Ingrid Provident

Ingrid Provident, Ed.D. Occupational Therapy


This semester I have used technology to focus on paperless grading through various means…. Track changes within Word and summary Panopto’s to give students overall feedback


Using Panopto allows students to see the instructor and can be useful to provide the face to face feel similar to when you address an entire class to provide general feedback. Panopto feature allows the instructor to set the stage by over viewing assignments and providing follow up feedback in a non-threatening way and also serves to as teachable moments…

Successes and Challenges

Student feedback has been positive in an online environment as it gives a sense of personal connection and a human quality to the technology.


Plan to assess the feedback of students on different forms of feedback, individualized using track changes vs. global feedback to the group using Panopto. No assessment data has been gathered yet, however anecdotally students have responded positively to the Panopto videos.

Perceived pedagogical or teaching value

Allows the instructor to provided feedback to the entire group rather than repeating multiple times to individual students. Also allows the instructor to explain using vocal intonations and comments in a video which may change the impact of the feedback and/or decrease the misinterpretation that purely written feedback can have.

Next steps

Have students use Panopto to provide peer feedback to one another to further explain their feedback.

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