Cohort 6



Dr. Pierrette Appasamy, Biology

Creating Multimedia Projects with ThingLink for Content Review and Student Presentations
Dr. Pierette Appasamy incorporated ThingLink, an interactive multimedia platform, to teach students the skills needed to identify and characterize the various parts of the human body. The ThingLink project were created outside of class, which saved class meeting time for other content and also served as form of content review for students.



Deanna Hamilton

Dr. Deanna Hamilton, Counseling Psychology

Three Approaches to Online Learning for On Ground Students

Dr. Deanna Hamilton explored three different approaches to online learning in order to better understand best practices. She implemented these approaches with her on ground graduate students and learned what they liked and didn’t like about online learning.




Diane Hunker

Dr. Diane Hunker, Nursing


YouTube Capture to Increase Online Student Engagement
Dr. Diane Hunker wanted to expand the ways that she could promote visual communication with her online doctoral students. She used the YouTube Capture app to increase connections with her students through video feedback.




Jennifer Lape

Dr. Jennifer Lape, Occupational Therapy

PeerReview with Online Doctoral Students

Dr. Jennifer Lape focused on enhancing feedback to online doctoral students on their capstone projects, and improving the peer review process already in place within the occupational therapy doctorate capstone courses.  As a result, she explored the use of Turnitin’s Grademark and Peermark in detail, and piloted use of these tools in several courses.



Jen Morse

Dr. Jennifer Morse, Counseling Psychology

Support Doctoral Student Writing with NoodleTools

Dr. Jennifer Morse wanted to find a technology that would support students’ writing and implemented NoodleTools, a program to help students take notes, create outlines, and create correct bibliographies in several accepted formats.




Beth Roark

Dr. Beth Roark, Art and Design

VoiceThread and ArtSteps

Dr. Beth Roark wanted to create a way opportunities for student-directed experiences where students could share, so she used VoiceThread, which allowed her to provide high-quality visuals with which students could interact communicating with each other and sharing ideas virtually, and improving the content and quality of their papers. 



Sue Sterrett

Dr. Sue Sterrett, Nursing


Dr. Sue Sterrett wanted to explore ways to create a community of researchers around my research interests and improve her liaison courses by integrating new technologies. She started by setting up a blog to feature her research interests and model a new way to connect with her students and professional colleagues.



Jennie Sweet-Cushman

Dr. Jennie Sweet-Cushman, Political Science

COT: Class on Twitter

Dr. Jennie Sweet-Cushman examined the effectiveness of incorporating the use of social media learning—specifically using social media (Twitter) to expose students to a greater depth and breadth of contemporary topic—as a tool of instruction in a political science curriculum.

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