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Career Tools

Chatham Career Development Office: Learn about jobs, mentors, and networking opportunities

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Are you dressed for success? Check out this article on how to dress appropriately for your next networking event, interview, or first day on the job!

Create your own Business Cards:

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Email your cards to Chatham’s Copy Center for printing.  Just 45¢ per page!

Be prepared! Get your business cards ready before your next networking event!

Meet Pittsburgh & Its Employment Opportunities

How to Create Organizational Excellence

Google: Applied Digital Skills Program

Google has just introduced a new initiative called “Grow with Google”, aimed to help Americans with the skills they need to prepare for a job, find a job, or grow their business.

The Applied Digital Skills curriculum provides exposure, practice and foundational training for using G Suite, which will be available later this year (check back soon). Also, Applied Digital Skills instructors in the United States can request vouchers for their learners to take the exam for free.

For more information, click here.

For any questions, contact

Chatham Entrepreneurship Club

Entrepreneurship Club, or E-Club, is a great way to get involved with like-minded, young entrepreneurs and build your portfolio, experience, and network.

Contact if interested in being involved!

 Join the AICPA Now For Free!

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NABA College Pipeline Initiative

Your Pathway to Professional Membership for Graduating Seniors

Is this your last year of undergraduate or graduate studies?  Have you been engaged with a NABA student? If so, we have the perfect tool to help you transition into your career:  a Professional Membership!

Transitioning from a student member to a professional member is easy and, best of all, it’s free!  Under our College Pipeline Initiative (CPI), your first year of professional membership is free.  Official transcripts must accompany your application and other restrictions apply.  Contact our Member Service Center to learn more.  We would be happy to walk you through the process!

Need Your Resume Reviewed?
Resume review is available for all NABA Inc., Pittsburgh student members.

Submit Resume

Pittsburgh Hispanic Development Corporations’s Business Incubator

The PHDC Business Incubator is a multicultural space where Hispanic entrepreneurs can meet with experienced staff who speak fluent Spanish, Portuguese, and English, and who understand the perspective of a Hispanic in the entrepreneurship ecosystem. PHDC guides entrepreneurs to create business plans, cash flow projections, balance sheets, and market analyses, and to identify financing strategies. PHDC specializes in addressing cross-cultural challenges that inhibit the ability of Hispanic Entrepreneurs to maximize potential particularly in areas of funding and marketing.

Visit Pittsburgh Hispanic Development Incubator for more info!

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