Faculty Spotlight: Lynne Aikins

instuctor, Lynne Aikins

Professor Lynne Aikins

Professor Lynne Aikins started her career in the Quality Control arena for Kraft Food, which  has proven to be a solid baseline for her extensive career activities within the Supply Chain management functions for various food and food ingredient companies.  She has a BS in Chemistry coupled with a MS in Organizational Leadership and more than 30 years of operational experience in the food processing and manufacturing sector. She has held various Supply Chain positions including functions within Materials Management, Warehousing & Inventory, Distribution and Procurement in both local, regional, and global capacities.  Expertise in inbound supply logistics and purchasing has allowed her to participate in meeting business goals for such food businesses as Unilever, Kerry Ingredients, Godiva Chocolatier and, most recently, Big Heart Pet Brands (formerly known as DelMonte Foods).  Professor Aikins brings a wealth of practical and best practice knowledge within the food processing sector to the academic team at Chatham University.

In Fall 2014, Professor Lynne Aikins is teaching BUS 641 Sustainable Supply Chain Management. This course provides students with an understanding of how supply chains work, how and where along the supply chain sustainability questions should be addressed and considered, and the impacts of those decisions on stakeholders further down the chain. In Spring 2015, Professor Aikins will teach the course BUS662 Global Procurement.

Nichole L. Brown,  an MBA and Master of Sustainability dual-degree student, says: “Professor Aikins brings an interesting and educated perspective to the topic of food supply chain management. It is great to have an experienced voice sharing with students about the industry as well as supplementing modern text. Her stories and knowledge carry over from the classroom to the real world.”

Holly Eve, who is also an MBA and Master of Sustainability dual-degree student, adds: “This class is eye opening to the complexities of supply chains. The various rules, regulations, processing methods, logistics, and more, gives me a greater appreciation for the work involved in products and leaves me in wonder how it seemingly runs so smoothly.”

In Fall 2014, Chatham MBA program began to offer a new concentration in Supply Chain management. The function of supply chain management is experiencing rapid job growth and is an ideal career path for business professionals who enjoy analyzing data, solving complex business problems, and leading organizational change. With the amount of data business are collecting the speed with which business moves, companies worldwide are seeking expertise in logistics and supply chain management for strategic advantage. Demand for supply chain expertise is strong across a variety of industries, including healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, retail, distribution, and technology. MBA graduates with a concentration on Supply Chain Management can be drivers of innovative change and creators of strategic value for businesses, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. Students in the Supply Chain Management concentration will gain a theoretical understanding and hands-on experience with global procurement, logistics, operations, demand forecasting, sustainability issues, and other topics critical to roles in the field.

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