Alumni Spotlight: Dr. Roy (Jake) Jacobson

Jake Jacobson

Jake Jacobson, M.D., Ph.D., MBA ’14

Dr. Roy (Jake) Jacobson, M.D. Ph.D., an MBA student in the Healthcare Management concentration, is currently the  Medical Director in Corporate Care Management for UPMC. Jake explains, “Our department functions at the interface between finance, the hospitals and the doctors. We make sure that patients are in the right place for their severity of illness and make sure that the insurance companies and hospitals agree on care plans and length of stay in the hospital.” Jake has been working at UPMC since he was recruited from Cincinnati over 3 years ago.

When asked which Chatham MBA classes have had the most impact, Jake says that it is hard to choose because they are all so different.   “Professor Joan Kiel’s MBA course Leadership and Management class inspired me to start reading about theories of leadership. Even though it was not part of the curriculum, I read Alfred Chandler, Douglas McGregor, Paul Lawrence and others.” Jake has since developed an interest in refining his leadership skills by taking the MBA course Leading Organizations and Projects with Dr. Melanie Oates.

Jake chose Chatham’s MBA program because, “Chatham’s program is much smaller and more intimate than most others nearby or far away. For students looking for a more personal approach, Chatham stands apart.”

Chatham’s MBA program offers a concentration in Healthcare Management that can be completed entirely online. As practitioners in medicine, nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and other allied health professions move into management positions, they increasingly find that their professional education has not prepared them for their new managerial responsibilities. Tasks such as leading people, developing programs, creating budgets, analyzing information, and planning strategic objectives are essential to those positions but are typically outside the practice of experienced healthcare professionals. The curriculum of Chatham’s MBA Healthcare Management concentration is dedicated to helping practitioners strenghten their business acumen while preparing business professionals to succeed in management and executive roles in the healthcare field. This program helps students develop a better understanding of the larger health care environment to deal with the rapid changes that are taking place in the field while providing the important, and in some cases necessary, credentials for upward mobility in the healthcare arena.

The Healthcare Management MBA concentration‘s courses are available in online or on-campus sessions. Coupled with the online or in-class options of the MBA Core, students can complete the Chatham MBA with Healthcare Management focus entirely online.

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