International Students Thrive in Chatham’s MBA Program

Chatham University’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) opens its doors to students from all over the world. In this program, you will find students from China, Thailand, Ukraine, Sweden, India, Spain, Colombia, Venezuela, Germany, Nepal and more. The program acknowledges the importance of showcasing a variety of cultures and perspectives in each classroom.

GermanyDue to the diversity in Chatham’s MBA classes, students are encouraged to be open-minded and adaptable. “The relationship with my classmates and professors was overwhelmingly positive and made my time here at Chatham perfect,” notes Florian Post, a graduate student from Germany. “Everybody is very open-minded, and I really enjoyed meeting new people and getting new perspectives in order to broaden my horizon.”

While leaving their home countries is not an easy decision to make, Chatham’s international MBAFullSizeRender students have voiced their satisfaction with the decision to move to the United States and pursue a SpainMBA degree with Chatham: “I am really glad that I made the decision to come to Chatham to get my MBA. The campus is gorgeous. Chatham has a great MBA program; it covers all aspects of business and the program has great professors,” comments Patricia Cantero Ortega, MBA ’17 candidate from Spain.

Chatham classes are small and intimate which encourages international students to build relationships with professors and classmates.Patcharapa “You will become familiar with your classmates in a very short time because Chatham has small Thailandclasses. Professors are also very supportive. You just have to explain and talk with them if you have any problem with your studies”, says Patcharapa Kanchanadul, a recent MBA ’16 graduate from Thailand.

YahuiBeing part of a friendly and small class has helped many international students adapt and feel more Chinasupported. Yahui Wen,MBA ’16 from China, agrees: “The number of students in every class is perfect. Not like some other universities, where it is common to have more than 40 students in each class.” The size of the classes ensures personal attention and assistance- an advantageous opportunity for MBA classrooms.


Polina Robinsky, a Chatham MBA ’15 alumna from Ukraine, reflects on the support she received at Chatham: “In each class I met very supportive, warm and kind instructors that were always willing to help, appreciated your opinion and were supportive of any collaboration… I was able to meet and work with people with different experiences and from different backgrounds.” Similarly, Monica Becerra Silva, MBA ’17 candidate from Colombia,Monica notes: “This is my first semester and I already love my classes. All of my classes apply theory to real life, which is important because we really get to put our class lessons into practice. We have many assignments, colombiabut we also get support from the professors who are always willing to answer questions. There are few barriers between professors and students..  you can easily communicate with them.”

In addition to becoming familiar with a new environment, Chatham’s international MBA students gain the knowledge and experience necessary to develop professionally. Anisha Jampana, MBA ’17 candidate from India, secured a summer internship with the global pharmaceutical company Mylan. “I am really happy to have secured the internship position with Mylan,” reflects Anisha. India“My internship began in May and I am working for the Indirect Strategic Sourcing department. I have taken Global Procurement as an MBA elective in Spring 2016, and the class directly relates to this internship… I really enjoy the culture and the people here at Chatham. Everybody is so friendly and helpful. As an international student, this is one of the aspects that I really like.”


Chatham strives to bring the best educational and professional experiences to all international students by providing the necessary tools, environment and knowledge to succeed. “Being part of Chatham’s MBA program has been a wonderful experience,” concludes Claudia Rojas Romero, a recent MBA ’16 alumna from Venezuela.FullSizeRender (7) “I have venezualabeen able to meet excellent professionals and classmates that have helped me develop into a better professional. Chatham has really supported me in terms of adapting to and enjoying a new learning environment.”

For more information on Chatham’s international MBA students, please check out this blog piece on Meis Kadhem, a Chatham alumna from Sweden.

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