Student Spotlight: Janell Johnson, MBA Healthcare Management ’16

Janell Johnson is a Master of Business Administration student with a concentration in Healthcare Management. As an undergraduate student, Janell obtained her Dual Bachelor of Science degree in Healthcare Management and Business Management at Carlow University in Pittsburgh. She is currently working as Installation Design Analyst at Highmark Inc. She has been employed by Allegheny Health Network and Highmark, Inc. for a total of six years. Within those six years, she gained professional experience working within the hospital and health insurance settings. “I manage the corporate insurance files for small business customers within Central and Western PA. Some of my primary roles include analyzing and coding applications with Highmark databases and communicating solutions across the large Health Plan Operations (HPO) platform”, Janell explains.

When looking at graduate schools, she determined that Chatham University could provide her with the hands-on, individual experience that she wanted– and it didn’t disappoint. Every professor, student, and administrator that she encountered at Chatham has given her everything she needed to not only succeed in but also enjoy her MBA program.

Janell knew from early on in her career that she wanted to work in healthcare. She has always had a strong attraction to the healthcare industry and the many different facets that exist within the industry. This is one of the main reasons why she chose her dual bachelor’s degree. To better understand the business milieu through and through, it was imperative for Janell to dive deeper into the constant evolving environment of healthcare. Developing business acumen was only a small portion of the knowledge and wisdom that Chatham’s MBA Healthcare program offered Janell.

“I have gained a sense of community, service, and innovation. This journey has allowed me to discover why I originally was so attracted to the healthcare industry, which was to make a difference. Helping people doesn’t only come in the form of diagnosing conditions and administering medicine. By completing my Healthcare MBA at Chatham University, I have the tools I need to make a difference for populations of people.”- Janell

Janell states that all her professors created memorable experiences in many different ways; but there are two professors, in particular, who positively affected her experience in the MBA program.


Caption of Janell in Indonesia

Dr. Stephan Liozu used innovative practices to teach his students about “real-time” business. “Whether he was teaching more or less attractive areas of the real business,” she says, “I never lost interest. His method makes students want to work through the concepts and to apply the concepts to current business practice, as well as our current careers.”

Janell was also positively impacted by her experiences during the Maymester 2016 trip to Indonesia with Assistant Professor of Interior Architecture Gregory Galford. The header photo of this article is a powerful picture taken while Janell was in Indonesia to research water infrastructure and public health issues with Chatham University’s Study Abroad program.

“Professor Galford and I had an impactful conversation regarding the water issues we witnessed during the journey and the global issues of water access and infrastructure. Greg Galford and the Indonesia Field experience trip created a sincere interest in delving deeper into the business of public health.”- Janell

Janell further explained how the MBA courses impacted her work. Her coursework allowed her to grasp a theoretical understanding of the array of technical skills she would require throughout her career. The Healthcare Informatics and Database Management class (BUS551) and Quality Healthcare Metrics class gave her an in-depth understanding to improve the utilization of the databases that she works with, as well as the abilities to improve processes to initiate best practices for dealing with her customers.

Finally, we asked Janell Johnson what her plans are after graduation in December 2016. Janell reflected that healthcare consulting and strategy have always been of interest to her.  Her experiences and education (Chatham MBA, working inImage-1 a top-tiered health insurance corporation, QIT Fellowship at the Jewish Healthcare Foundation, and travel overseas to Indonesia for research) have reinforced that interest.  “Chatham has given me so many experiences and opportunities that have shaped me not only for success but to create change and make a difference. Working and becoming immersed in so many different healthcare settings gives me the ability to provide solutions to challenges and issues we face in private and public sectors of healthcare”, Janell declared.

She may transition to the public health or remain within private healthcare, but she is eager and excited to use everything that she learned and experienced while attending Chatham University’s MBA program.

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