Welcome the B&E Department’s Newest Office Assistant, Corey Doeing!

Chatham University’s Business and Entrepreneurship Department warmly welcomes Corey Doeing as their newest Office Assistant. Corey is an undergraduate student who is pursuing his Bachelor’s in Marketing, and minoring in environmental sustainability.

Corey Doeing, BA Marketing, 20'

Corey Doeing, BA Marketing, 20′

As a member of the newest first year class, Corey is the youngest member of the Business & Entrepreneurship Assistant team. Since arriving at Chatham only a few months ago, Corey has already found his place in the vibrant university community by taking active roles in Chatham’s Sustainable Impact Team as well as in Chatham’s Artist Collective. After graduating in 2020, Corey hopes to embark on a career leading marketing initiatives for a company dedicated to sustainability and “green” affairs.

Even during high school, Corey always looked forward and planned for college. Corey attended high school in Altoona, Pennsylvania. During one of his recent summer breaks, he participated in Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week (PFEW). PFEW is a week-long event hosted by a college or university that gives students the opportunity to experience life on a college campus as well as an introspective on what it’s like to run a small business. During the program, students are tasked with creating a brand, a website, a marketing plan, in addition to long-term financial decisions for an imagined company using a simulator with real market effects. At the culmination of the week, Corey’s team won the “Top Company” award, meaning that his team achieved the best results in marketing and advertising, a stockholders’ presentation, management skill, and return on net assets. Corey’s  success at PFEW sent him to college with the skills and confidence necessary for navigating the university environment.

Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week (PFEW)

Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week (PFEW)

Aside from Corey’s educational goals, music is a large part of his life. Corey plays acoustic and electric guitar, bass, mandolin, and sings. He feels that music is something that can bring everyone together and one can always learn more from and about it. Corey hopes that music will remain a big part of his life while he is at Chatham.

Corey knows that through working with the other office and graduate assistants in Chatham’s Business and Entrepreneurship Department, he will gain real, useful, and marketable skills that will be extremely valuable for his future classes and career. Welcome to the department, Corey!

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