PAC Group Students Against Trump Comes to Chatham

Author: Claire Rhode

Across the country students are banding together in a movement to convince those around them to vote. One group on Chatham’s campus, Students Against Trump, a part of the larger Democratic Coalition Against Trump, has been encouraging students in their efforts.

Students Against Trump, while a part of the Democratic Coalition Against Trump and Keep America Great Political Action Committee (or PAC), focuses more on getting out the vote than fundraising for any political campaign.

Sophomore Jenna McGreevy, who studies social work and political science and is the president of the Young Democrats on campus, also encourages students not to vote for third party candidates. She says that while students may not be big fans of Hillary Clinton, that “with the high stakes in this election, a third party candidate isn’t viable in our current system, so it’s really widening Trump’s already too wide path to the presidency.”

Students Against Trump is a grassroots organization primarily focused on electing the Democratic nominee for president, Hillary Clinton, through advertising and outreach to convince people to go out and vote November 8.

For students who wish to become involved, McGreevy recommends liking their Facebook page, Chatham University Students Against Trump, or phone banking for Planned Parenthood, which occurs in the Carriage House on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6 to 8 p.m.

“It’s temporary, but it does have a sort of sustainable, progressive lean to it,” McGreevy said. As Students Against Trump has spread across the country to schools such as Cornell University and the University of Pittsburgh as well as Chatham, it has become apparent to McGreevy how much students care about preventing Donald Trump from taking office.

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