Eddy Theater gets “Hotboxed”

Author: Claire Rhode

On January 19 a rumor began on campus alleging that the fire department had been called and that they were present at Eddy Theater. Public safety was present at the theater, as there was a strong smell of marijuana.

No one was spoken to in regards to the smell, and some students are questioning whether it was Chatham students or individuals who are not associated with the university. Eddy Theater is not locked due to an issue with the doors, which public safety officer Sergeant James Madison said has led to issues in the past.

Sergeant Madison also referred to the lack of a record of the smell in the Clery Act log book, saying, “If there’s no victim, there’s no crime,” clarifying that this was true for all cases “except for criminal mischief.” He went on to explain that if no one complained about the smell of marijuana, there was little public safety could do about it. If a student is caught with marijuana, it is generally confiscated and they are referred to Student Affairs for further discipline.

Although there was a Women’s Institute event in the theater the same day, a viewing of the documentary Trapped, it appears that no formal complaint was lodged. Justina Thornley,  Class of 2020, an employee of the Women’s Institute posted on Facebook, “The women’s institute has an event tonight and it smells like a traphouse [a place frequently used to consume or deal illicit drugs] in here [Eddy Theater]! They had to call the FIRE DEPARTMENT! Those hardworking people had to take time out of their day to yell at some stupid college kids! Who did this!”

The smell of marijuana was still incredibly strong during the Women’s Institute event, and while it didn’t seem to decrease the enjoyment of the attendees, it did affect some members of the crowd.

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