Women’s Basketball Finishes Season Strong

Author: Jack Ridenour

The women’s basketball team had a season that was filled with highs and lows all year long. The team finished the season with a 13-13 record overall, and a 7-11 conference record. The team had some big wins throughout their season, including a season sweep of Westminster College and a win against Waynesburg University at Waynesburg. The team had some tough losses against Thomas Moore College and St. Vincent College, two of the top teams in their conference.

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Science is Real!

Author: Maggie McGovney

After many a debate, I’ve said that I wish I could choose science as my religion.

That’s not to say science belongs in the same category as faith.  The good thing about science is that you don’t need to have faith in it; in fact, it wishes you wouldn’t.  It demands skepticism.  It says, “Please question me.  Please argue with me.  Please be as credulous as you can.  If you find something about me that isn’t right, let everyone know so that we can fix it.”  I want science to count as my religion because of the respect religion gets in our culture.

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Vagina Monologues Enjoy Another Year of Success

Photo Credit: Janelle Moore
Author: Iyanna Armwood

Chatham University’s annual performance of “The Vagina Monologues,” have come and gone successfully again with the help of the its directors, Indigo Baloch, Bethany Bookout and Megan Cooper, and its cast. “The Vagina Monologues,” are a series of monologues made up of interviews with women. The aim of the play is to provide insight on issues surrounding the vagina and the female gender. These monologues were held on February 17, in Eddy Theater at 7 p.m. with a large turn out.

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Green Eats: Tres Ríos

Author: Destiny Reber

         Tres Ríos is the newest Mexican kitchen and tequila bar in South Side, Pittsburgh located at 1919 East Carson Street.  Tres Ríos celebrates “diversity, creativity, and uniqueness” by blending two iconic cultures together, offering a combination of Mexican cuisine and spirits and sentimental pieces of Pittsburgh history.  The atmosphere provided sensations of Pittsburgh, through steel work and Warhol inspired art, and Mexico, through a variety of warm and spicy smells in the air.

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Should The World Flatter A Maniac?

Author: Jamie Wiggan

So far diplomacy has not proven to be a strength for President Trump. This should not come as a surprise given his blueprint for diplomacy derives from his self-acclaimed command in aggressive deal-making. Nevertheless, since taking office less than a month ago the President has already managed to antagonize Beijing by muddling in its sensitive relation to Taiwan, and upset Australia’s Prime Minister in what appears to have been a thoroughly unproductive, shortened exchange. Similarly his first telephone conversation with Mexico’s President was cut short amidst inflammatory discussion over his proposed wall. These are just the highlights.

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Chatham’s Sustainable Impact Team Calls for Divestment

Author: Claire Rhode

The Sustainable Impact Team finally met with Walter Fowler and members of Chatham’s Board of Trustees Friday February 17, for a meeting that had been rescheduled multiple times. They were discussing divesting Chatham from fossil fuels. To do this, the school would have to change its investment strategy and try to invest only in companies that do not propagate fossil fuel use.

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Green Eats: Chatham Parkhurst

Author: Destiny Reber

Green Eats: A series of restaurant reviews with a perspective in sustainability

Dining locations across Chatham’s campuses, such as Anderson Dining Hall and Café Rachel, in collaboration with Parkhurst Dining Services, aim to serve a wide variety of healthful and delicious meals to students, staff, and guests within the Chatham community.  By implementing a series of strategic sourcing techniques, Chatham’s kitchens strive to provide options that accommodate the wide range of diets and tastes that accompany the diversity that comes along with a college campus.  Chatham’s Parkhurst prides itself on the quality and freshness of their foods, which is why produce is sourced from within 125 miles from the university, and a large amount of Chatham’s meal items are made from scratch right on campus.

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Chatham Launches Sexual Assault Prevention Advisory Group

Author: Allison Albitz

Chatham University is excitedly launching the Sexual Assault Prevention

Advisory Group this month. The coordinator, Heather Black, Assistant Dean of

Student, created the group after hearing feedback from students. “Basically, it came

from doing so many educational sessions and we were hearing from students that

they wanted to be involved, weren’t quite sure how to bring that conversation to the

table, so I started just taking down names.”

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