Chatham Launches Sexual Assault Prevention Advisory Group

Author: Allison Albitz

Chatham University is excitedly launching the Sexual Assault Prevention

Advisory Group this month. The coordinator, Heather Black, Assistant Dean of

Student, created the group after hearing feedback from students. “Basically, it came

from doing so many educational sessions and we were hearing from students that

they wanted to be involved, weren’t quite sure how to bring that conversation to the

table, so I started just taking down names.”

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In Response to Steelers as SVU Characters

Author: Kaitlyn Shirey

Recently I saw a video in my feed of the “Law and Order SVU,” intro where the characters were replaced with players for the Pittsburgh Steelers.  It was meant to be a fun watch for fans, seeing our city’s football stars compared to the often triumphant police officers and detectives depicted in the television show.  Those images of big beefy men in costume-like suits were also meant to be intimidating, the sepia harkening back to old Hollywood detective aesthetic.  A well-made video for a city that loves its team…

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1 Year Passed, Twitch Still Refuses to Tell Why It Banned Yandere Simulator

Author: Iyanna Armwood

Twitch, founded in June 2011,  is one the world’s leading community for gamers. About one million people log on to talk about video games and watch the two million streamers play video games every day. Some streamers actually make a living off streaming on Twitch and people watch either for entertainment or influences on whether to buy the game.  Twitch banned the stealth game “Yandere Simulator,” from being streamed on its website last year, and YandereDev, the game developer of “Yandere Simulator,” has yet to hear back as to why that is.

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Chatham Interviewing Candidates for New Director of Multicultural Affairs Position

Photo: A poster in Anderson Dining Hall for Native American History Month. In the future, The Director of Multicultural Affairs will handle programming for this and other campus celebrations of diversity.

Credit: Ross Hsu

Author: Ross Hsu

Chatham is currently interviewing candidates for Director of Multicultural Affairs, a new position within Student Affairs that will implement events and dialogues to educate about and celebrate diversity.

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Voter Survival Guide

Author: Atiya Irvin-Mitchell

Where and when to vote

If you are a student registered to vote on campus on election day head to the Welker Room, where the polls are open from 7 a.m to 8 p.m

Polling places are usually libraries, schools, churches, and court houses. If you are a commuter student registered to vote in Pennslyvania and are unsure of your polling place go to

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Vice President Joe Biden Speaks At Chatham

Photo: Chatham first year, political science major, Scott Friedman, takes a selfie with Vice President Biden.
Credit: Janelle Moore
Kaylee Spitak

It was a cold Tuesday morning as members of Chatham and its surrounding communities lined up outside of the Athletics and Fitness Center in anticipation of the latest development in Hillary Clinton’s campaign for the 2016 Presidential Election. One of the last events to occur within the city of Pittsburgh as both Republican and Democrat political campaigns fight to gain the popular vote in the swing state of Pennsylvania,  Vice President of the United States Joe Biden, was scheduled to arrive on campus to continue campaigning for the Democratic Party.

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OPINION: Donald Trump gave me back my dignity.

Photo: Matt A.J. through WhoWhatWhy Candidates
: Dr. Jennie Sweet-Cushman


I know, an odd proclamation, right? Hang in there with me, though, because there is a story here.


For me, politics has been my whole life, well, my whole life. I began attempting to sway voters to see my point of view at the grocery store with my mom when I was three years old. Later, at age four, I briefly refused to accept the results of the 1980 election when my candidate lost his presidential bid, emphatically telling everyone I met: “Ronald Reagan is not my president.”

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FEATURES: President Finegold On Being New At Chatham and his Views for the Future

David Finegold (pictured)
Photo: Unknown

Author: Atiya Irvin-Mitchell


On March 3, nearly a year after President Esther Barazzone announced that she would be stepping down, Chatham students and staff alike gathered in the Chapel to meet her successor. A Harvard alumnus, Rhodes Scholar and holder of a PhD, David Finegold introduced himself as Chatham University’s 19th president. But who is the man behind the credentials and what is his vision for Chatham?

When David Finegold was an undergraduate, he considered becoming a journalist or judge, and never imagined becoming a university president. However, while working on his dissertation, learning about education policy inspired him.  Over the past 30 years, from an assistant professor to a dean, Finegold has served in almost every academic position.  

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Chatham’s Drama Club presents “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown”

On March 20, 21, and 22, the Chatham University Drama Club presented “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown” on campus at Eddy Theater. Many students, faculty, and community members had the opportunity to enjoy the show during the three-day run.

The show follows the life of Charlie Brown and his friends, characters created in the popular “Peanuts” comic by Charles Schultz. It included various vignettes that gave the audience insight into the lives of the kids, as well as multiple musical numbers throughout.

The show’s title character, Charlie Brown, was played by first year Krista Arena, who is majoring in chemistry. Arena showed off her impressive musical talent during her solos in “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown” and proved that newcomers to campus certainly cannot be counted out.

Arena also served as the show’s vocal director and was in charge of hair for the performances.

Jessica Keller, also a first year chemistry major, played the role of Linus Van Pelt and showed her acting and musical skills during the hilarious number, “My Blanket and Me”.

Diana Cabrera, who is no stranger to the Chatham theater scene, played the role of Sally Brown, Charlie Brown’s younger sister. Her rendition of “My New Philosophy” had the audience in stitches. Cabrera is a sophomore with a Business Management and Public Relations major.

Jennifer Grahnquist, a sophomore in Elementary Education, portrayed the ever-cynical Lucy Van Pelt. Her banter with Charlie Brown kept the audience smiling throughout the production.

Erika Ramsey, a 2014 graduate, returned to the Chatham stage as Schroeder, the mini-piano-prodigy. Ramsey shone during the number “Beethoven Day,” leaving the audience laughing about her fervor for Beethoven.

Erick Sovich, a pre-med student at Hood College, was brought to Chatham to play the role of Snoopy. His underhanded observations throughout the show were greatly appreciated by the audience, and he stole the show with his big number, “Suppertime.”

The cast was small, but truly filled the theater with their talents. The comedic timing of each of the players kept the audience interested and engaged–even the younger viewers, who turned out en mass for each of the performances.

While each member of the cast shone individually, it was the group performances throughout the show that really made the show something special. Numbers such as “The Book Report” and “Glee Club Rehearsal” were among the highlights of the show, each showcasing the fantastic group dynamic within the cast.

“It was really cute, and it was well done,” first year Teri Bradford said. “It was very funny and charming.”

The show was enjoyable for all and showed, once again, the immense amount of talent that can be found on Chatham’s campus.