Eden Hall Pizza Oven

The Eden Hall pizza oven is a great way to be able to cook pizzas with a great taste.  However, this form of cooking releases large amounts of carbon dioxide (about 5.75 kg CO2 per pizza!).   Meanwhile, an electric ovens at the EBC could emit as low as about 1.65 kg of CO2 per pizza on average largely due to the grid usage of coal and natural gas ovens can emit as low as approximately 0.4 kg of CO2 per pizza!  While natural gas is the best option now for a pizza oven, as Eden Hall’s energy system and the state of Pennsylvania’s energy system evolve and become more renewable, electric ovens will become far better and hopefully emit no CO2 at all!

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The use of the lovely wood-fired oven near the amphitheater should be for every once in a while and special occasions.  Besides, not being able to have it every day makes it taste so much better when that special occasion finally arrives!

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