Latin American Studies

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Requirements for Latin American Studies Certificate:

  • HIS200W: Revolutions in Latin America
    • This course surveys Latin American history from colonization through the present with an emphasis on world hisotry themes. While the legacies of the colonial period will be briefly examined, the course will focus primarily on the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Global themes will include the spread of European religions among indigenous populations;reverberation of liberal revolutionary ideas in the western hemisphere; the incorporation of Latin American and its populations into the world economy; the influence of race on society; and the spread of Marxism and resulting revolutions.
  • One (1) 200- level regional elective
  • One (1) 200- or 300- level regional elective
  • 6-12 Study Abroad or Intership credits
  • Spanish (or other approved language) through intermediate level (2nd year)