Do Everyone a Favor, Edit Your Captions

“YouTube auto-captions are often such poor quality that content is not accurately communicated to people who depend on captions such as people who are Deaf and hard of hearing,” stated ITSS from The University of Minnesota.

More often than not, streaming networks like, Netflix and YouTube use the automatic captioning tool for their videos and movies. Though they may think that they’re doing the video justice by providing captions, the subtitles at the bottom of the screen are so wrong that Deaf viewers might be better off without even watching.

By providing incorrect captions, Deaf and hard at hearing viewers are not able to have the same viewing experience as those who are able to watch the videos and movies without captioning. With this being said, it isn’t crazy to think that Netflix and YouTube would steer away from using the automatic captioning tool and instead manually enter the subtitles but alas, they haven’t.

Netflix is aware of the incorrect captioning and has had yet to solve the issue. YouTube, on the other hand, has added an option where YouTuber’s can manually edit the captions of their own videos, which is great but YouTuber’s either don’t know about this tool or are just too lazy to edit their captions themselves.

With this being said, do the Deaf and hard at hearing communities a favor by manually editing your own captions and subtitles.

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