Support Deaf Film and Theater Companies

ASL Films 

“ASL Films is an independent, deaf owned and operated production company for all feature film media. Founded in 2005 by partners Mark Wood and Mindy Moore, ASL Films is committed to creating sophisticated entertainment with an appeal that both inspires and rewards sponsors and audiences alike. At its inception the company made its first mark producing a feature length film, Forget Me Not which was a huge success that earned many raves and encores from all over the country.”

Rustic Lantern Films 

“Fueled by their belief in its staff members, fervor to increase awareness about deaf and hard of hearing’s communication access needs, and a hunger to make an independent film, Deaf Empowerment Awareness Foundation, Inc. (DEAF, Inc.) is proud to announce the creation of a new division called Rustic Lantern Films. DEAF Inc. recognizes the unique talents of its media team and encourages them to expand their potential and assist in furthering DEAF Inc.’s mission.”

Deaf Professional Artists Network (D-PAN)

“D-PAN: Deaf Professional Arts Network exists to support, encourage and develop professional and educational opportunities for talented individuals who are deaf and hard of hearing as well as hearing individuals who work with the community. We are equally committed to enhancing the visibility of that talent and establishing new audiences for exceptional artists who happen to be deaf or hard of hearing. Over the coming months, well be announcing new programs and initiatives designed to transform these concepts into exciting new realities—and in so doing, to serve a continually growing number of deaf and hard of hearing creative professionals.”

National Theatre of the Deaf  

“The National Theatre of the Deaf (NTD) has a history that is proud and groundbreaking. Touring the nation and the world for over 45 years, the acting company is comprised of deaf and hearing actors.  Each performance unfolds simultaneously in two languages; one for the eye, American Sign Language, and one for the ear, the Spoken Word.”

Deaf West Theatre 

“Founded in Los Angeles in 1991, Deaf West Theatre engages artists and audiences in unparalleled theater experiences inspired by Deaf culture and the expressive power of sign language.  Committed to innovation, collaboration, and training, Deaf West Theatre is the artistic bridge between the deaf and hearing worlds.”

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