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If you’re looking for a good book to read, check out these recommendations from Rachel Leftwich, one of the library’s excellent student workers!

Lake Effect by Nancy A. Nichols

So, what’s in the water? ake Effect by Nancy A. Nichols is a look into a family history full of toxic secrets. Set in Waukegan, Illinois on the shores of Lake Michigan, Nancy seeks to find a connection between her sister’s untimely death from cancer, and her own bout with illness. In the process, the author discovers exactly what the companies were dumping into the lake all those years, and the lengths to which those companies will go to avoid paying. In the tradition of famous environmental writers like Devra Davis and Sandra Steingraber, Nancy A. Nichols tells a “family memoir with public policy implications.”

Bodies by Susie Orbach

How do you feel about your body? Why do you see it that way? In Bodies, psychotherapist and writer Susie Orbach seeks to explain the widespread body hatred that saturates our culture. In this eye-opening book, Orbach explains that the way we see our bodies, as a totally customizable project that conveys our success in life, is a new phenomenon. Our bodies are no longer tools with which to build or make something, but the object to be built or made. There are many industries that make their money on this body hatred, like the fashion, weight loss, and beauty industries. If everyone was happy with their appearances, what would these companies sell? Read this book for a closer look at why we see our bodies the way we do.

You can find these books, as well as many other books to read for fun, in our popular reading display on the main floor of the library.

~All reviews by Rachel Leftwich.

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  1. Both of those sound really good, Rachel! 😀

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