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If you are looking for a good movie to watch, Angela Wiley, one of the library’s fabulous student workers, suggests the following DVDs from the library’s collection:

Grizzly Man (2005)

I began watching this film one rainy afternoon, less than an hour before the Spring 2012 Minor Bird launch party/reading. As the launch party grew closer, my jaw dropped lower. The phone rang, the clock ticked, and I wanted to stop time so I could see what happened. I have since sat with a half dozen friends, watching Grizzly Man with them for the first time. Herzog demonstrates why he is a renowned media maker, and arguably toes the line with his control over the screen. My advice? Do not google Timothy Treadwell, do not start watching this right before the Minor Bird launch, and for heaven’s sake turn off your phone once you hit Play. This film will send you on a ride where you may end up with more questions about life than answers.

Good Bye Lenin! (2004)

Please don’t judge this film by its blank box. Inside you’ll find a rich story, capturing a son’s dilemma when the Berlin Wall falls and his GDR loyal mother awakes from a coma. If you have ever bent the truth to protect someone you love, this film will present the conundrum, beautifully. Our anti-hero salvages old pickle jar labels, draws the blinds tight, and coerces family to sing songs from the old Republic to keep his mother from her worst nightmare. Ultimately, I became as invested in the lie as the son, cringing at the implications if it should shatter. Give this film a chance for all the typical reasons: it’s gorgeous, heartfelt and most importantly, thought provoking.


~All reviews written by Angela Wiley.

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