August Display: Card-Catalog-Craft-Corner


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This was taken before I had coffee and realized that “shelf” had an “L” in it.

Welcome to August! Summer’s winding down and also somehow getting hotter. Luckily we have all these card catalog cards you can use to fan yourself with. You can also use them to make art, August is also national art appreciation month and that’s the theme of this month’s display.

We have some great library materials on display, mostly focused on crafts and thinking critically about art. But in the display, they are mostly a pretense to get everyone to  make art with our catalog cards!

So please, make some arts and/or crafts! Making art will surely help you appreciate the art of others!


Need some inspiration? Take a look at what some professional and amateur artists were able to do with library catalog cards:

University of Iowa Cartalog

American Craft Council, Library Card Project

Want to learn more about Art History and art Appreciation? Check out these Databases:

Art and Architecture 


Extra Credit:

You might also want to keep an eye out for notes created for the Random Note Project, or follow the Notes @ Chatham tumblr for notes found by others.

Fossil Record

“Fossil Record” by yours truly


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