Study Done that Shows How Media has had a Negative Impact on Adolescents

Study 1:

  •     Volunteered sample of 199 adolescents (ages 14-16) females
  •      All girls high school

(Survey type research)

BMI: Average: 19.95

  •  Underweight: 9.1%
  •  Normal: 85.9%
  •  Overweight: 3%
  •  Obese: 2%
  •   Five Categories: Internet, TV, music videos, magazines, and computer games
  • * Use of Physical Appearance Stat and Trait Anxiety Scale PASTAS
  • Measures negative effects associated with weight-related body parts on five point Likert scale
  • Not Anxious – Extremely Anxious


Order of media popularity High to Low:

o   Internet, TV, music video, computer games, magazines

  •      Experimental results
  •    “It is clear from the findings of the present study that amount of media exposure, either overall or by genre, does not directly predict body and appearance dissatisfaction.”
  •     Only longitudinal research capable of testing that negative body image is developmental with long exposure increasing likelihood of identification of thin ideology.
  •     Identification with media models correlated with the most with appearance dissatisfaction not amount or type of media


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