Famous Women Photoshopped Who Stand Against It!

Here are many articles on famous women who have been photoshopped and did not want to be. These celebrities speak out about being photoshopped and make it clear that they did not approve of it. They want to be real with their audience and show who they really are. None of which  want to hide behind a fake body on social media or magazine cover.

By standing up and publicly talking about how deceiving photoshopping it, they show that it is not right and that all bodies are beautiful. There is no cookie cutter shape or size that each girl should be!

Articles on celebrities standing up:

Meghan Trainor took down her own music video because she was clearly photoshopped:


Lady Gaga stands up about being body shammed during her Super Bowl Performance:


13 times celebrities have actually stood up against being photoshopped and edited by famous magazines:


17 more celebrities who have publicly spoken about being photoshopped like Kim Kardashian, Bella Thorne, Iskra Lawrence etc.:


Our Proposal

We are specifically targeting young women (ages 17-18, juniors or seniors in high school), especially those who do not understand the potential of Photoshop because of the measures that are taken by advertisers to create a flawlessness in images that are unrealistic, however one that women and girls compare themselves to. This is the target audience because society portrays females to have a certain, unrealistic, heavily digitally altered, body type of being viewed as skinny or slim with clear skin  that can be challenging for young women to have. With this, pictures of females are usually modified to pose an impractical representation and it is very discouraging for our audience to see. These unrealistically high standards can induce young women to develop low self-esteem which then can result in negative effects like anxiety, eating disorders, and stress. Not only is the conformity to the specific guidelines of beauty already a problem itself, but it influences other epidemics that can harm young women and affect other age groups.  

The overarching message of our campaign is modifications that are perfected in pictures of women—especially celebrities and well-known figures—needs to come to the awareness of the public so that young women can see as well as be aware of the fact that all body types are beautiful and there is no specific body that everyone should have.

We can make a twitter page alongside the many other campaigns online, to help bring awareness to this issue in society and teach people about Photoshop and the effects of it. We want to show what real beauty is and how it comes in all shapes and sizes. A high school curriculum of this topic will be created that presents and explains the problems associated with Photoshop as well as the attitudes towards body image. A PowerPoint would be made that includes a portion of the proposed curriculum that would be used in the designed course. The inclusion of educating the public of the cues to look for in young women who are affected by beauty standards and indications that editing had been done would also be in the PowerPoint.   

We would need to gain additional information of statistics and research experiments of young women who are affected by body image and Photoshop especially when these deceptions are created and posted by popular/well-known celebrities.