Fall 2010 Music Courses

This fall the Music Program is offering several exciting classes that cover a wide range of music!  Here are a couple highlights and some details about each class:

MUS161, Music Theory I: This class is an introduction to Western music theory that covers fundamental concepts, species counterpoint, and introduces students to common practices harmony and voice-leading.  Students learn a lot about music in this class, and can follow it with Music Theory II-IV to deepen this knowledge.  A little prior musical experience can be helpful but not necessary (I can suggest a book to page through this summer for anyone interested in the class but concerned about this).

MUS203, History of Rock, Pop and Soul: This is a really fun course that students really enjoy – when I taught it at the University of Maryland there were about 225 students in the class, and at the University of Maryland Baltimore County enrollment was around 180.  Students taking MUS203 will hear and learn about a lot of music, some familiar and some new, made in the United States and England between about 1950 and the present.  We also talk about social trends in both countries, and how they relate to popular music of the time.  Absolutely no musical knowledge is needed for this course – we cover all pertinent concepts in class.  If you want to learn more about The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, James Brown, The Ramones, Madonna, Metallica, NWA, or many other musicians, this is the class for you!

MUS267, Music History I: This course covers Western music history from antiquity through the late Baroque era.  Students will learn about musical trends during these centuries, and study a variety of music from Gregorian chant and masses to motets to early opera.

MUS363, Music Theory III: A continuation of the music theory series described above.  This course has two pre-requisites: Music theory I and II.

In addition, all students are welcome to audition for choir (MUS171) and take private instrumental or vocal lessons.  We offer instruction in nearly every instrument including piano, guitar, drums, trumpet, cello, and many others.  Students interested in choir should contact Professor Connor, and those interested in lessons should contact Professor Rovkah.  I also teach acoustic and electro-acoustic composition, MUS183; students taking composition lessons should speak with me and also enroll in music theory.

There is a lot to do musically at Chatham this fall!

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