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Q: Where did you go to college, and what degree(s) did you earn?

A: I attended Western Michigan University for my undergraduate studies. I received a Bachelor’s in Music and a Bachelor’s in Philosophy. I attended Carnegie Mellon Univeristy for my Master’s in Music, with a concentration in Trumpet Performance.


Q: Is this your first time teaching a course at Chatham?

A: Yes, this is my very first time teaching at Chatham, and I have loved it!


Q: What courses are you teaching at Chatham?

A: I am teaching Fundamentals of Music this semester.


Q: Do you hope to teach at Chatham again?

A: Most definitely! I have loved teaching here. The students are great – exceptionally creative thinkers. The campus is beautiful. This is by far my favorite campus to teach at. I am currently working with Dr. Michael Boyd to create a Pep Band course at Chatham. I am very excited about that and I look forward to this becoming a reality!


Q: Do you teach at any other institutions?

A: I teach at CCAC (Community College of Allegheny County), Mercyhurst University, Bethany College, and I am teaching a course this fall semester at Frostburg State University in Maryland.


Q: Do you participate in any bands, orchestras, choirs, etc?

A: I am the Executive Director of the Chamber Orchestra of Pittsburgh, as well as a member of both River City Brass and the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra.


Q: Have you ever taught music lessons? If so, what instrument(s) or were they vocal lessons?

A: At Bethany College, I taught all of the applied music courses, including voice, piano, string instruments, and all of the brass instruments.


Q: Any final comments?

A: Just to restate that I have loved teaching here. The students are great and very creative. And the campus is beautiful!


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Interview by Hannah Gregor

Music Program Student Assistant

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