Andrés Cárdenes and David Stock’s Friendship

img_5485-edit    Andrés Cárdenes , violinist, will play “Santa Fe Salsa” with Luz Manriques, pianist, for the Tribute Concert for David Stock.

David Stock was a composer and conductor from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He was a composer-in-residence of the Pittsburgh Symphony, the Seattle Symphony and the Pittsburgh Youth Symphony.  In 1976 Stock founded the Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble where he was Conductor Laureate and retired as Music Director after 23 years. Stock passed away at the age of 76 in 2015.

Cárdenes is playing “Santa Fe Salsa” which he recorded on his album, Made in the USA. This album featured all living American composers. While producing the album, he thought of Stock and hoped he could write him something snappy.

Cárdenes called Stock and said, “Can I commission you to write me something cool?”  Stock agreed and was living in Santa Fe, New Mexico when he wrote the piece. Cárdenes immediately loved it when Stock sent it to him.

Cárdenes  has also played Stock’s first violin concerto that he premiered with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra and performed at Carnegie Music Hall. “I’ve played almost everything he ever wrote that had violin in it,” said Cárdenes.

Cárdenes was very close with Stock and feels he is a unique individual. He reminisced about Stock mentioning that he mercifully teased him about his self-promotion.  Cárdenes said, “David, I’ve only premiered 11 of your pieces, commissioned 3 of them, and recorded 2 of them, what else do you want from me?”

Cárdenes said, “Stock loved his work and he loved that we played his music.” Cárdenes has a close connection with, Santa Fe Salsa along with all of Stock’s music.

10. November 2016 by rovkah
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