A Special Tribute Concert: Music of David Stock


Andrés Cárdenes , violin Pauline Rovkah, piano


Lorien Benet Hart and Rhian Kenny


Michael Lipman, cello


Gretchen Van Hoesen, harp


Claudia Mahave, Michael Lipman, Lorien Benet Hart, and Kathy Soroka


Mixed Quintet — with Simon Cummings, Kathleen Andrews McMasters, Federico Garcia-De Castro, Chad Crummel, Emily Cook


Lindsey Goodman, flute


Jim Cunningham, Master of Ceremonies

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On November 20th, the Chatham University Music Program organized a tribute concert to local conductor and composer, David Stock. It was a wonderful memorial for David Stock and his family members who attended the event.

Performers included:

  • Sara Stock Mayo, mezzo soprano
  • Katherine Soroka, mezzo soprano
  • Andres Cardenes, violin
  • Pauline Rovkah, piano
  • nanette Kaplan Solomon, piano
  • David Allen Wehr, piano
  • Lindsey Goodman, flute
  • Robert Frankenberry, piano
  • Alia Music Pittsburgh, conductor Federico Garcia
  • PSO Members
    • James Gorton, oboe
    • Gretchen Van Hoesen, harp
    • Rhian Kenny, flute
    • Marylene Gingras-Roy, viola
    • Meng Wang, viola
    • Claudia Mahave, violin
    • Lorien Hart, violin
    • Michael Lipman, cello
  • Jim Cunningham, Master of Ceremonies


20. November 2016 by rovkah
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