Songs from the Heart: A Musical Valentine

Bravo and many thanks to mezzo-soprano, Katherine Soroka, and pianist, Nathan Carterette, as well as violinist, Jennifer Orchard, and cellist, Kellen Degnan, for a moving and truly heart-warming performance this past Friday! Each song, exquisitely sung by Katherine Soroka, was equally matched with pianistic expressivity and technique by Nathan Carterette. No words can describe the communal sentiments of pain and love these musicians created as they carried the audience through an emotional journey beginning with Mozart’s Ch’io mi scordi di te, through Ravel’s Kaddisch in memory of the Tree of Life tragedy, to the tender, tear-welling climax of the performance, Lee Kesselman’s setting of e.e. cummings’s poem, “i carry your heart,” which received a standing ovation. There was no better way than to end on the lighthearted note of the encore, Gershwin’s By Strauss. Thank you to all those who attended!

18. February 2019 by rovkah
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