Ukrainian Composer Valentin Silvestrov: Complete Piano Sonatas

Join the Chatham University Music Program next Friday, October 21st at 4pm for a Friday Afternoon Musicale performed by pianist James Iman.

One of the greatest composers of our time, Valentin Silvestrov withdrew from public attention in the 1970s, and rejected his earlier modernist style. The three sonatas presented here exemplify his period of transition. Each presents elements of modernism (atonality, extended techniques, etc.) and a renewed interest in tonality/modality, as well as classical structures. Silvestrov has remained creatively independent and in recent decades has shed avant-garde devices and discovered a style which he calls “metamusic” (a truncation of “metaphorical music.” His work, Der Bote (The Messenger), has become his most well-known of his later style.

Watch James Iman’s introduction video here:

13. October 2022 by rovkah
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