Noor’s Art

By Marina Razgarina, ELP Lecturer

Noor showing her art

Delicate, surreal, and incredibly personal. Noor’s drawings make you reflect deeply on what it is you see in them and what is left beyond your comprehension of a mere visitor in her mysterious artistic world. Going beyond the obvious, they make you think of ideas and emotions she felt while drawing those. They make you wonder about the people and stories that left a trace in her heart and found embodiment in these incredible pieces.

Noor sharing her art in the High Intermediate Listening and Speaking class in fall 2016

Seeing her art brought me closer to understanding Noor’s life and personality. It made me see her not just as a student, but also as an incredibly talented person with her own goals, dreams, and struggles. Noor’s self-expression became her artistic aspiration. Genuine and complex emotions expressed so intricately in her drawings left me feeling sensitive and vulnerable in a whole new way. The way Noor shared herself and her world through her drawings touched my heart and made me open to deeper connections with the world and people around me. It truly was extraordinary and profound experience.

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