Life-Changing Experiences with the English Language Program

By Daniella Bastos, ELP and MA-Psychology Graduate, International Student Ambassador

Studying English at the English Language Program (ELP) at Chatham University is one of the best decisions I have made in life. In 2014, I moved to Pittsburgh because of my husband’s work. I did some research into universities in Pittsburgh, and I found Chatham University. They have an interesting Master’s program in Psychology and a great ELP. I had very smooth communication with the ELP since the first contact by e-mail. I had the best support to complete the application and a great reception to the program. The ELP team is devoted to giving the students the best resources and opportunities to study and develop their academic, personal, and professional skills. The teachers at the ELP are specialists in teaching English for non-native speakers, which means that they have specific professional qualifications and multicultural competencies.

During my English course at Chatham, I had life-changing experiences. I had amazing classmates from Saudi Arabia, Japan, China, South Korea, Mexico, Colombia, and Venezuela. I had teachers with international experience. I had the best support from those teachers to prepare my application to the MA-Psychology program (application letters, documents, and TOEFL). Chatham’s ELP helped me to connect and adapt to a new country in the middle of an overwhelming personal and professional transition. I made friends and I had opportunity to work and apply my new skills.

In December 2016, I completed my Master’s degree in Psychology. That was only possible due to the commitment of the ELP and Chatham University. They were able to understand the students’ limitations and strengths and give us support so that we could succeed in our studies. They promote diversity and multiculturalism.

Studying in US is a big decision as well as a big investment of time, energy, and money. It is also an experience that can change your life and your future. Choosing a school is really important in this process. After my graduation, I became an International Student Ambassador at Chatham to encourage Brazilians who want to study in the US to know this great ESL program and university. I recommend Chatham to anyone who wants to study English or earn a degree in the US.

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