Garbage Neglect

All the different kinds of trash in the wrong cans.

20130516_110253 20130516_110317

Recycling bin outside of the mail room. Is this for paper or plastic?


Regular trash can outside of the mail room, next to recycling bin. Mostly paper.

20130516_110521  20130516_110503

Regular trash outside of the dining hall lower entrance.

20130516_110541 20130516_110554

Recycling unit right inside of the dining hall lower entrance.

20130516_110559 20130516_110627

Mixed paper and candy wrappers.


Cans, bottles, and plastic cups.

20130516_110657 20130516_110806

Recycling next to the Weathervane. Paper in the trash can, food paper in the office paper bin.


A lonely muffin the aluminum can bin outside of the Athletic Center.

20130516_113418 20130516_113429

Abandoned recycling bins.

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