Is MSNBC Leaning Away From Environmentalism?

1996 was the year of many significant things. RENT premiered on Broadways for the first time, The Pittsburgh Steelers lost the Super bowl, Bill Clinton was re-elected, the New York Yankees won the world series, and MSNBC was born. For those who do not frequent cable news channels MSNBC markets itself as being the left leaning alternative to the likes of often right leaning Fox News and sometimes sensationalist CNN. A Progressive voice in the wilderness if you will.

Although it wasn’t always this way over the past decade MSNBC has marketed itself as a progressive community. With the shows with hosts such as Rachael Maddow, Melissa Harris-Perry, and Al Sharpton it’s more often than not left leaning commentary many would agree with that title. Their Mantra: Lean Forward.

An annoying but unfortunate reality of online viewership is the ads. When watching any segment of MSNBC you can expect ads. Typically, to catch up on your favorite cable news show online expect to see the “Lean Forward” Ads that feature hosts of the many shows MSNBC airs, describing their ideal for America. However in recent months it seems in recent month troublingly MSNBC may be leaning away from messages of environmental justice, by airing an ad that promotes Hydraulic Fracturing more commonly known as “Fracking”.

This commercial features a young mother explaining why she allowed the land that she and her family to live on to be “fracked”. The woman then states that after doing research she found that having her land “fracked” to be completely safe. Those who are environmentally conscious reacted to this ad with anger, disgust, and confusion. More than once hosts of MSNBC programs have dedicated significant portions of their programs to discussing the importance of environmental justice. The messages of Environmental Justice of hosts like Melissa Harris-Perry and Rachael Maddow that have on numerous occasion highlighted the potential dangers of fracking are in direct conflict with this ad.

The Ads in question are being sponsored by none other than America’s Natural Gas Alliance and General Electric. This organization is also a partner of MSNBC’s new the new site. This move could be seen as very hypocritical. And it begs the question is MSNBC putting whatever money it may make from airing these ads above what’s good for the environment? More than that does MSNBC the company live the eco-friendly values many of its commentators advocate?

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