Is Organic Food Worth the Expense?

Is Organic Food Worth the Expense?


Organic foods are those that are grown and produced without the use of antibiotics, pesticides, genetic modification, synthetic fertilizers, added growth hormones, and sewage sludge. Before an area can be considered for growing organic products it must be clear of these materials for three years to prepare the soil. Animals on organic farms grow naturally, without growth hormones, or antibiotics. The animals also get to eat organic food and actually spend time out on the land instead of being cooped up in their buildings.


There are definitely advantages to eating organically grown and produced foods: No antibiotics, lower pesticide levels, no added growth hormones, end environmental responsibility. The fact that no antibiotics are used is definitely a positive in spending the money on organic foods. On non-organic farms antibiotics are routinely given to the livestock. An overuse of these antibiotics creates resistant strains of bacteria, which is something everyone should be concerned about. No added growth hormones are helping with groundwater. Organic farms have less contaminated groundwater because they do not use such hormones. Also, Organic farming uses less energy, minimizes pollution of not only groundwater but air as well, and will maintain long-term soil fertility.


The most recommended organic products to buy would be the meats, dairy, and eggs. This is because 1 in every 4 meat samples is tainted with drug resistant bacteria. This is harmful to people because if they continually eat meat that has the bacteria they will become more resistant to certain drugs, which in turn causes many problems. Being resistant to drugs allows bacteria and viruses to multiply faster. So whenever possible use the extra couple dollars you may have saved from your last shopping trip on these organic products.



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