Clothing Line Dedicates Itself to Protecting African Wildlife


Baghdad is an elephant living in a national park in Gabon, located on the continent of Africa. Baghdad is one of only twenty-percent of African forest elephant left on Earth, whose trunks are long enough to touch the ground, making the value this elephant worth approximately a hundred thousand dollars as mentioned in The National Geographic article titled, In a War to Save Elephants, Rangers Appeal for Aid.

Currently, there is one of the highest rates of elephant poaching since the global ivory ban in 1989. Thousands of elephants have been slaughtered and their ivory has been shuttled to the West to East African seaports to China and other Asian countries.

According to IUCN, there are only 472,000 to 690,000 African Elephants freely roam the African continent today. This is significantly down from the possibly five million in the 1930s and 1940s. One clothing line sees the importance of saving these majestic creatures.



The company is Elephant Pants. They were established in 2014 with a mission to help elephants and feel “damn good while doing it.” Elephant Pants sells tribal printed pants, leggings and accessories. Elephant Pants’ clothing is very stylish, durable and available in larger sizes.

They are a corporate sponsor of the African Wildlife Foundation. With purchase of an Elephant Pants product, a portion of the proceeds goes to help prevent animal poaching. This is done by educating the population about the effects of the Ivory Trade. The donations also help with supplying rangers with the equipment and training for tracking animals and appending poachers. The African Wildlife Federation pays African landowners to keep their land open to wildlife instead of selling to developers.

We can sometimes feel helpless when attempting to help preserve the beauty around us. However, here is a way where to support a cause and look great while doing it. Start shopping now and help save the life of an elephant.

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