Moana Addresses Environmental Issues

I watched the movie Moana recently. It is a cute movie. The color and landscape in the movie is wonderful. How clear the water is! I was not born beside the sea. Even when I went to the seaside, I still could not see the sea in the movie. It is a wonderland I want to go to. I have never gone to place like that. Sometimes I wonder does that kind of place exist or not. However, I read other people’s comments the social media website and people said they have been to the place like that, like Hawaii or Bali Island. The setting sun colored the clouds purple. The sand of the beach was gentle like silk. Everything was like a dream.

These beautiful environments are fading from this world. Maybe after 50 years people will not be able to experience them anymore. Right now the five Pacific islands are falling into the sea as much as 10mm each year because of sea levels rising. Because of global warming, the temperature of whole world is increasing all the time, year by year and the glaciers of the north and south poles are melting. What about residents on these islands? What about creatures on these islands? When the next generation sees pictures and asks you where this animal comes from, how will you answer their questions? When you want to see these islands, you will only be able to dive into the water to see that at one time they actually existed.

In the movie Moana, because of Moana’s courage, she returned the mystical heart to the island goddess. Actually the absence of the mystical heart from the island goddess represents human being’s greed and desire. The mystical heart was stolen by human being named Maui. When Moana realized that she only could save her people and island by returning the heart to the goddess, she was not afraid of the difficulties she faced. Since human being wanted to take everything they find value from nature they made the goddess, who represents nature, angry. The punishment for angering the goddess was that they lost the natural resources, specifically their food, their home, and their family. Their island was vanishing from the world. She loves her parents and her people, especially, the island and sea. It was only because Moana encouraging Maui to change his ways that the mystical heart of the island was returned.

I see parallels between the narrative of the movie and our reality. Therefore, I think we already see the negative results of human greed on our environment. We not only lose our habitat, but also lose the most important thing our habitat supports, our family. We only considering what we could get from nature, but in the past never thought of ways to sustain our mother, earth. So we need to find ways to conserve nature for people today and generations in the future.

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