Who We Should Blame?

The weather is changing. The growth cycle of plant life is changing. A polar bear traveled to Britain. These situations are really weird and abnormal. The normal cycle of life is being destabilized. People argue that global warming is the root cause for these issues. What is the root cause of global warming? Is overpopulation? Poverty? Trade policies that undermine environmental protection? Too many reasons, so the public is lost in trying to find the rot cause. We do not know who we should blame, and how we should change this situation.

The public is saying there a lot of environmental protecter, environmental groups and organizations to protect our nature. We have policies and laws! They are all praying for our mother land. Why do we have to worry about nature? Well, from 32 percent in 1996 to 41 percent in 2000, the number of Americans who actively involved in environmental groups has increased, but they are not reasonable. Furthermore, the flag to protest global warming rose 15 years ago. I do not deny that many achievements have been reached, but I have to say the achievements are so subtle, that I could not feel it.

It is so ironic, that when people are going to donate their money to these environmental groups, these environmental groups are working with all big energy companies. When Pittsburgese are suffering from the poisoned water as a result of fracking, Pittsburgese stand together with these environmental organizations. At first appearance, people with these organizations are on the same side, but these big organizations betrayed the people, betrayed their mission, and betrayed who they are.

Sierra Club, Nature Conservancy, the Heartland Institution and so many other organizations promise that they are the knights who are protecting our mother land. However, they are doing business with the devil. Nature Conservancy said what they are doing is they are working with many gas and oil companies to figure out a way to reduce the impact on nature when they extract resources for energy production. They said this is win-win approach for ecosystem, not only for surface agriculture and grazing, but also for rich oil and gas resources that consumers and businesses need.

I do not buy this story, because I believe there is a conflict of interest. These organizations use people’s money, use governments’ funds, and also receive the money from these dirty energy companies that do not have the same interest as the people or the governments . I do not see much change that is in the interest nature. I want to argue that before we criticize steel factories, automobile manufactories, or fertilizer factories, we need to see clearly the truth behind the intentions of these environmental organizations and energy companies.

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