Florida’s Red Tide

Politicians from opposing parties tend to never agree on heavily debated topics, but there is one issue that both sides can agree on; our environmental crisis. With elections around the corner, voters and politicians alike are increasingly concerned about our environment, especially in Florida. The infamous red tide in Florida, which is a large collection of algae that is very harmful to the environment, has been the cause of the pollution of Florida’s bodies of water. The climate crisis is a huge priority, and even political parties like the Republican party who has dismissed the climate issues in the past, are becoming aware of the problem. With Florida being a hot bed of commercial fishing, tourism and even real estate the red tide and other forms of pollution in the state pose a serious threat to the area and the people who live there. The deciding factor in the political race in Florida could very well come down to who people believe has a better environmental policy.

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  1. callie.oliver says:

    Red algae is a serious concern. My partner is from St. Petersburg, and he grew up on beaches in that area. Hearing from people who live there and how environmental issues really impact the plant and wildlife is a different experience from hearing it on the news. I was wondering if you could link to some current news about this, especially relating to what politicians are saying about it?

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