Non- Profit Organizations Helping Better Pittsburgh’s Air Quality 
Pittsburgh’s air pollution has continued to be an issue even after the closing of multiple industrial factories in the area. Group Against Smog and Pollution (GASP), a non-profit citizens’ group, helps work towards a healthy and sustainable environment. Based out of Southwestern, PA, the organization has a specific interest in the air quality in the Pittsburgh region.

GASP’s Mission
The organization’s mission is to “improve air quality to protect human, environmental and economic health in Southwestern Pennsylvania.”  Non- profits like these help better the community through their involvement with the public. As GASP continues to better our air quality in Pittsburgh, we as concerned citizens should also take a stand and speak up if we feel that the air we breathe is not safe.
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Where GASP Began
Founded in 1969 by a group of volunteers, the non-profit has used different methods to reach the public about   issues of air quality such as public meetings, engagement with press, educated event, and permit reviews. GASP has played a large part for many of the new rules and regulations that have been implemented since this issue became known. The organization helped the Allegheny Health Department incorporate different standards that are outlined in the Clean Air Act. In addition to these new standards, the group has also helped with the invoking of air quality standards at Clairton Coke Works, violations of air quality at the LTV Corporations Hazelwood plant and DTE’s poor air quality at the Neville Island Shenago coke plant.

Future Endeavors
GASP has a positive outlook on the work they plan to do, and where they see the quality of the air in Pittsburgh going. GASP hopes that they are able to better educate the public on poor air quality, and that they understand the consequences both environmentally and health wise unbreathable air causes. They also hope to reduce the amount of diseases that are caused by poor air quality. GASP wants to make sure that large businesses understand the air quality regulations, and follow them accordingly and if not then act quickly to fix the problem.

GASP in Action
GASP outlines different ways in which we the public can stay alert and educated on this major environmental problem. One way people can help solve this problem is by calling the Allegheny Health Department if they smell any odd odors in the air. There is also an app that was made by the CREATE Lab  at Carnegie Mellon University to help people report to the health department any unpleasant smells in the air. GASP also has a petition going on to alert the health department about any hydrogen sulfide violations that occur, and to put an end to mismanagement of complaints about the smell of the air.

To find out more about how we can end air pollution in Pittsburgh be sure to visit their website..

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  1. callie.oliver says:

    What a great post about this fantastic program! I report unpleasant smells quite often using their program and action advice, and one complaint resulted in a polluter getting fined! Speaking up is important when it comes to air quality. Thank you for sharing this resource with us 🙂

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