Wilkinsburg Weekly Part Two – St. Stephen’s Church And Fall Foilage

[Photo by Callie Oliver. Image description: A bright golden tree with the ground covered in its leaves, a dark green bush beside it, and an historical dark-colored brick church.]
In week two of Wilkinsburg Weeekly, when I went to my polling place this week, I had to stop for an early morning photo. Bright, golden leaves are so beautiful against the darker colored architecture of St. Stephen’s Episcopal church, located on Pitt Street in the borough. It’s one of many historical places of worship in the area. St. Stephen’s is part of the Wilkinsburg Sanctuary Project, and one of their programs, called “Teens and Greens.” This program provides a summer job for teens where they learn about food issues and how to care for an urban garden using the church’s garden.

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  1. kallie.vento says:

    I love this picture so much and the fact that the church teaches these food skills!

    1. callie.oliver says:

      Thank you! It’s such a great community church. They do so much! And it’s my polling place, so even though I don’t attend services there, I’ve gotten to know the folks there through voting. 🙂

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