Getting Crafty with Repurposing

You never know what you can do to reuse, until you try! When I was younger, I spent many afternoons at Grandma’s house. My Grandma had a rug loom that she spent many hours at creating beautiful rugs. No Weaver house was complete without a handmade rug from Grandma! 

Every rug was made from old clothing that we had outgrown. Although at the time, I did not realize it, making rugs with Grandma was probably my first environmental expedition. After a few years of watching her, I put my own twist on repurposing. Instead of rugs, I created handmade rug purses and put a spin on her tradition. 

Although it is a small step, repurposing clothing instead of throwing it away is one way to reduce waste in our environment. Think of your own family traditions and how you can incorporate different ways that can reduce waste. With landfills rising and oceans filling more and more, think before you throw something away. Could this be incorporated into a craft, decoration or new accessory? Think creatively to make a difference!

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