Whose House?

Whose House?

With Democrats back in power at the House of Representatives environmental issues will now be acknowledged. For eight years Republicans have been in power of the House, but now that Democrats have control more policies will be passed to protect the environment. House Representatives Eddie Bernice Johnson, Raul Grijalva, and Frank Pallone Jr. are set to lead the charge in environmental protection as they lead the committees on Science, Space, and Technology; Natural Resources; and Energy and Commerce.

The trio, alongside with their peers, will unveil an agenda to challenge the Trump administration. The current administration abandoned President Obama’s climate change agenda for person gain, have allegedly contributed to misconduct of Environmental Protection Agency, Interior Department, and the Housing and Urban Development Department officials.

The Democrats will use their advantage to ‘drain the swamp’ starting with Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke. Zinke will need to testify before his committee and discuss the backdoor deals he made in Whitefish, Montana with the Halliburton chairman David Lesar.

Zinke isn’t the only businessman turned politician that needs to worry. The EPA along with other agencies are lawyering up to prepare for the new House of Representatives.

The fight doesn’t stop there Nancy Pelosi, Representative for California, hopes to reestablish the special committee on climate change.

While the new and improved House of Representatives are easing into their new positions crooked politicians, who have been ignoring the voice of the American people, are reportedly gearing up for battle.

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