Litter Effecting our Waterways

Litter that is left by humans can be extremely dangerous to not only our environment but also beings that inhabit alongside us as well, like animals. Trash that is left by passage ways to big bodies of water can pose serious issues for our water as well as the organisms that live in the water as well.

Storm drains and sewage drains are prime places where litter left by humans can find its way down those drains and into our waterways. This can lead to animals, like fish to accidentally ingest this trash and consequently lead to the death of many species of fish. This can lead to even bigger issues in our water!

As humans, we have the right and the ability to avoid this misfortune from happening! There has to be a continued emphasis on the reduction of litter in our city in order to keep our rivers safe from pollution.

If you walk by storm drain and see pieces of trash, like this water bottle in the above photo, don’t hesitate to pick it up! By simply picking up trash by these water entry ways and finding a trash can to dispose of it properly, you can help in the effort to prevent litter and potentially littering our water too.

With continued efforts to clean up our environment, we can put an end to the pollution in our water and on our earth once and for all! By encouraging each other to be more mindful of where we put our trash, we can all join in ending the trend of littering and contaminating our water system.

As we move forward in ways we can better our environment, pollution is one of the top priorities for use to focus on. Pollution in either air, land or sea can have lasting implications for the creatures that inhabit those areas on our planet. If the issue is not solved, we will continue to see organisms that live in the water wash up on land that have ingested litter which lead to their death. This water is also our water too, and as the caretakers of this planet we have to put an end to this issue in order to see an improvement in our overall environment.

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