Living a Tiny House Lifestyle

If you are someone who is truly an environmentalist you may find yourself pondering a dream home. Have you ever wondered about a tiny house and the environmental benefits it can have? 

This lifestyle is not for everyone, it’s a simple life. It would force the homeowner to have less things because of cramped spaces, and less energy needed to fuel a home. What kind of energies you might ask? That would include lighting, water, and heat. It is recorded from a recent study that people who downsized to tiny homes reduced their energy consumption by 45 percent. Generally speaking, people who live this lifestyle tend to consume less, which means there is less waste. For example, living this lifestyle could be great for people that enjoy gardening and repurposing the trash they have to compost.

This is not the case all the time, but it is an astronomical difference compared to an average home. This style forces people to be simple and one with their surroundings, keeping them grounded and very sustainable. Without having the appropriate storage space, people don’t buy as much clutter contributing to the overall capacity of garbage. Just think, not only would this help diminish the amount of waste at people’s local trash facility, but it would save them a ton of money. Tiny houses on average use 7% of energy compared to traditional homes. This has little to do with the power of the house, and more to do with the size of the home itself. More specifically, the amount of light that is used. Larger homes use anywhere from 20 to 40 lightbulbs in the home. Another advantage to this type of living is a onetime cost. This means people are not paying homeowners insurance or other property expenditures. This is their home, complete and utter freedom of the American dream. If they are a rolling stone think about the possibilities of traveling.

In the early settling days building a giant house took a lot more resources and energy to build. Building a tiny cottage however would lessen the amount of time and resources needed, inevitably making it easier to move in and start a settlement. It wasn’t until recently that people started realizing the practicality and genius it is to own a home like this. There is now a giant movement called the “tiny house movement”. This movement would truly be a great experience not only for the owner but for the earth. I do not see any negative connotation attached to tiny house living. It’s truly remarkable, saving our trees with the amount of lumber needed, lowering the cost of an average home and maybe even boosting moral for a better down to earth grounding lifestyle. There is a simple more beneficial way to live, to better our environments health. There is no doubt that this movement has been trending recently, maybe we need to take a closer look at our overwhelming lives and declutter.

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