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Melting ice reveals an ancient, once-thriving trade route 

Norwegian Mountian Scape

(Lendbrreen, Norway),(Image from OneNote licensed under Creative Commons) 

It has recently been discovered deep in the tallest mountains of Norway amongst the global warming ice, a path has appeared. The once all ice and glacier is now exposed to trail markers and ancient artifacts perhaps dated back to the Viking age. Archeologists have discovered this to be a major route for livestock and trade. So what is this mountain? It is known as Lendbreen of Norway. 

Glaciers and ice are receding showing the magnificent artifacts  left behind. It is all melted away because of global warming leaving these treasures and history behind. Much like the ice man we all learned about in primary school. Some of these artifacts date back to 300-1500 AD. Horseshoes were the main theory in which they discovered this path to be a trade route. Because they are heavy and wouldn’t move too far over time. The rate of the ice has been accelerating over the past decades. In 1980 glaciers lost a foot of ice per year. Now it has rose to 3 foot. This is great for archeology but for the environment of the mountain and the earth, things need to change.


SpaceX rocket ship blasts off into orbit with 2 Americans (May 31,2020)

Satelite in Space

(Image from OneNote licensed under Creative Commons) 

An astonishing accomplishment has been made for the United States as of May 31,2020. Elon Musk the only private company to have been partnered with NASA has been launching a SPACEX program.

The future goal of this company is to commercially launch average people to and from space with its new and amazing high technology. There has been testing done since 2012 and they had finally launched in May, 2020 with 2 Americans. The SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft carrying NASA astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley lifted off at 3:22 p.m. EDT Saturday on the company’s Falcon 9 rocket from Launch Complex 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. This is a huge new era into the human connection between the future and space exploration. Elon himself had said, I think this is something that’s particularly important in the United States but appeals to everyone throughout the world who has within them the spirit of exploration,” Musk said. “This is something that I think humanity should be excited about proud of occurring on this day.”


Have We Lost Our Protest Goals?

Peaceful Flag Protest

(Image from OneNote licensed under Creative Commons) 

The nation is screaming with pain due to the loss of another African . American man due to the unbearable  immoral police brutality. There is no doubt that taking a life is unmeasurable, and that people are going to stand up and speak using their rights as American citizens. There comes a time when the word, peaceful protest does not exist in some minds. 

It has hit home today, of June first, as a Pittsburgh citizen I am disheartened to see this chaos erupt in my hometown. Protesting is great and should be expressed but it has turned to violence. People have been spray painting our sidewalks, destroying cars, setting fire to buildings, and raiding establishments. This pandemic has made shop owners vulnerable enough and now they are dealing with looters and rioters. We have lost sight of the cause to this. They started to protest for George Floyd! What good is it to destroy and corrupt. We need to take a step back as one united community and bring the peace to our city and to this young mans life!

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