The Night Sky: More Beautiful Than We May Know

As far as pollution goes, many of us have heard of the adverse effects it has on our oceans, forests, and air, but did you know that our use of light is polluting the earth as well? Light, while not as harmful to the environment and human health, still has adverse effects on our environment….

Sand Crisis – The Hidden Environmental Impact Of Fracking

We have a global sand crisis that is impacting the United States, and close to home here in Pennsylvania, more than the public knows. Silica is a precious and finite resource that is increasingly more valuable to those invested in natural gas and fracking projects. Silica is preferred for fracking because the small particle size…

Chaibaba – Untitled 20 minute song in D (Mountain Song)

[youtube] Chaibaba played at The Space Upstairs for Second Saturdays on May 11th, 2013. A kick ass local Pittsburgh band whose musicians love nature and wandering through the forests of Pennsylvania. Chaibaba – Slow Brewed (first album) Machete German Shepard Vijay Bakrania Thanks the Space Upstairs!

Conflicting World Views and Environmentalism

It is hard to be an environmentalist. The average person might complain that recycling is too much work, or that organic food is too expensive, or that riding your bike is too much of a hassle. However, these complaints exist because the cultural infrastructure does not support the environmentalist ideology. The basic tenets of keeping…